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All Equipment You Need For Live Streaming in 2022

All Equipment You Need For Live Streaming in 2022

  • Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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In the last couple of years, live streaming has been a topic of discussion for most business owners and marketers alike. Streaming live video in is a must for many businesses now. Whether it’s streaming video to stay connected with customers, streaming events virtually, or staying in touch with employees while they work remotely, video content is booming right now.

The fastest way to go live is to use the live streaming equipment you already have. Like your mobile phone and its built-in audio. But as a business, you’re most likely in need of some professional live streaming equipment recommendations. We have you covered. So if you find yourself asking: “What live streaming equipment do I need?” then here you go the answer.

* Video Cameras
* Microphones
* Audio mixers
* Lighting
* Video Captures
* Video Encoders
* Video Switchers
* Green/Blue background
* Other accessories, like cables

In our next newletters, we will share you how to choose each device with different budgets and how you can put it all together and be ready to hit record and broadcast live video.

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